Library diorama completed

This grew into a bigger project than I planned. It all started with Jolie. Then I searched for more miniatures for a library and I found some more then expected, so I needed a bigger diorama. Then came the idea to make a large globe as a centerpiece.It was a lot of work to make all the details. There are over 300 books in the diorama. It was also a lot of fun to do.

The miniatures in the diorama are Ailyn Ghonstasavos, Hellknight Captain, Jolie Female Scribe, Balto Burrowell, Cleric of Mammon from Reaper Miniatures , the Discworld Librarian from MicroArtStudio. Grand Master Pycelle and the Scribe of Westeros from <a href="http://www visit our” target=”_blank”>Dark sword.

I am happy how it turned out, for me it has the right level of detail for busy day at the library.

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