Muse Calliope

Muse Calliope from dark sword miniatures. I am happy how she turned out. The face and the dress especially.

The pergola is made with some balsa wood. The ivy is cardboard I picked up from a German company. It looks better in real life, but I’m not really happy with it.

Nonalla Ellinad

My partner for the 2015 summer exchange on the Reaper forum was Flamehawke. She said she plays mostly mages so I choose Nonalla for her. She is holding a book, and I like books :;):

The background diorama is scratch build from plastic card with some chests from my bits-box. I made the base for the mini detachable, so that it can be used in a game. The base is magnetic.Flamehawke gave me some hints so I kept the colors light for the mini. Added a circle of Nordic runes and a dragon familiar. The runes spell Flamehawke (but maybe I forgot the last ‘e’ :down: )

Library diorama completed

This grew into a bigger project than I planned. It all started with Jolie. Then I searched for more miniatures for a library and I found some more then expected, so I needed a bigger diorama. Then came the idea to make a large globe as a centerpiece.It was a lot of work to make all the details. There are over 300 books in the diorama. It was also a lot of fun to do.

The miniatures in the diorama are Ailyn Ghonstasavos, Hellknight Captain, Jolie Female Scribe, Balto Burrowell, Cleric of Mammon from Reaper Miniatures , the Discworld Librarian from MicroArtStudio. Grand Master Pycelle and the Scribe of Westeros from Dark sword.

I am happy how it turned out, for me it has the right level of detail for busy day at the library.

Muse Thalia

Muse Thalia from Dark Sword miniatures. This muse gives a musician some inspiration. For this muse I wanted to try something different.

I used an old style nib pen and glued a small copper rod under the nib. Painted black it is almost invisible and the pen looks like it is writing on it’s own. The music notes are paper on copper wires for the lines.

It was a bit of a puzzle to figure how to get the effect I wanted, but in the end it came how I wanted.

Muse ThaliaMuse ThaliaMuse ThaliaMuse Thalia