Muse Clio

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The last of the muses from the Dark sword kickstarter.The fox is also from the same kickstarter. Happy with dress and the scene. Not so happy with the face, not enough contrast around the eyes I think... Read More

Muse Calliope

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Muse Calliope from dark sword miniatures. I am happy how she turned out. The face and the dress especially. The pergola is made with some balsa wood. The ivy is cardboard I picked up from a German com... Read More

Jonas Kane

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Jonas Kane from Reaper miniatures. This is my first OSL attempt. I am happy how it turned out [envira-gallery slug="jonas-kane"]... Read More

Nonalla Ellinad

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My partner for the 2015 summer exchange on the Reaper forum was Flamehawke. She said she plays mostly mages so I choose Nonalla for her. She is holding a book, and I like books The background diorama ... Read More

Muse Erato

Muse Erato from the Dark Sword Stephani Law kickstarter. This was my first try at sculpting a tree. The trunk is copper wire with green stuff. The copper etched leaves are nice, but very fragile. I am... Read More

Muse Thalia

Muse Thalia from Dark Sword miniatures. This muse gives a musician some inspiration. For this muse I wanted to try something different. I used an old style nib pen and glued a small copper rod under t... Read More